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The Elevate Plus Manufacturing program provides a sector based focus on Manufacturing that better align skills training and pre-employment preparation with employers’ needs. This program integrates comprehensive job-specific skills and “soft” skills with the direct participation of manufacturing and food processing employers in both delivery and program design.

Elevate Plus Manufacturing aims to both support longer term unemployed and vulnerable Ontarians to access sustainable employment and succeed in the labour market and to support workforce development in the manufacturing and food processing sectors.

This program was developed in direct response to industry’s stated staffing needs. It provides ongoing pipeline of skilled employees to fill local front line vacancies and it augments manufacturers’ retention strategies with expanded on-boarding, coaching, mentoring and post-hiring support.

The program material and design ensures that program participants will add value to the local manufacturing sector by reducing costs and increasing productivity.

The many components of Elevate Plus Manufacturing are designed to support manufacturers in improving workplace culture of engagement and continuous improvement

“Elevate Plus is a critical piece of our Human Resources strategy at Vantage Foods Inc.

It’s comprehensive training program provides participants with the requisite skills to meet the employment demands within our fast paced, HACCP approved food manufacturing facility.

The post-graduation support services ensure long term success and increased retention rates.

Team members, who have been hired through the Elevate Plus program, add immediate value to our organization as a result of the opportunity they are given.”

Vantage Foods