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Job Seeker Info

Elevate Plus helps job seekers in the local area who are experiencing barriers to gaining or retaining Full Time employment.

The NO TUITION Elevate Plus program is unique in providing job seekers an integrated combination of soft skills and industry specific training with a workplace job trial and placement in Full Time employment!

Elevate Plus prepares job seekers with training co-developed with industry that aligns with the requirements of employers today and in the future.

In addition, the program coordinates participant wrap-around supports and provides ongoing job and life skills coaching to facilitate participant success.

Why participate in Elevate Plus?

  • This program is different than other “training” programs.
  • VERY SUCCESSFUL. This program has helped hundreds of people with employment barriers gain local Full Time employment and move from surviving to thriving.
  • Social Assistance payments continue while taking the program
  • There is a FULL TIME JOB job awaiting all successful program participants

What’s the program like?

  • We care about you and your success!
  • Small group sizes
  • IT’S FUN and engaging with lots of variety!
  • The training is integrated, hands on, adult learning
  • Co-designed with industry
  • Soft skills are integrated with technical skills and essential skills
  • Program includes a workplace job trial with local employers
  • We work closely with our community and employer partners to help your success
  • Wrap-around supports, (ex: transportation, food security, etc.) are provided
  • Participants gain self-awareness, personal growth, and a strong support circle
  • Self-confidence, self-esteem and pride are the biggest transformation
  • The program binder is yours to keep for reference
  • Graduates are registered as Loyalist students and receive a Loyalist Certificate
  • Ongoing coaching, mentoring and support is provided during and after program completion
  • Did we mention the program is FREE?

What do you need to succeed with Elevate Plus?

  • Desire to improve your life and your future
  • Desire to work
  • Interest in pursuing a career in Manufacturing or Food Processing
  • Willingness to grow and develop

“I highly praise this program. There isn’t enough programs like this one out there that benefits the people young and older as much as Elevate Plus can. It has helped me be a better version of the great person I know I am.”

“This program changed my life! I learned so many new things about not only workplaces but also myself. I can confidently walk into my new job with all this knowledge! This is an amazing program and hope it helps many others, just as it did me. Thank You.”

“I am pretty positive, but this program made me more positive and did open bigger and better doors. Now know the sky is the limit. Thank you Elevate Plus. When I entered the program I was a lone wolf: but I now have a new family through this program.”


  • Unemployed or working less than 20 hours per week
  • 15 years of age or older
  • Not participating in full-time training or education
  • Poor employment history such as long-term unemployment, underemployed, or precariously employed, including interruptions in work history
  • Low-skilled or require essential skills training or upgrading
  • Interested in pursuing a career in Manufacturing or Food Processing