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Elevate Plus Military is unique in that is centered around addressing the challenges faced by both Canadian Armed Forces members as they transition from the military into civilian employment and by the members of their families and they integrate into the local communities.   Military life is not easy and consists of various pressures including frequent relocations, and disruptions to family life through short notice and prolonged absences often in dangerous situations.  The unpredictability of military life can be stressful.  When combined with frequent relocations and establishing yourself and your family in a new location without the support of family or friends, it becomes even more challenging.  There is a great deal of literature that speaks to these challenges including those specific to obtaining employment. Often there is a lack of positions or opportunities that align with education and background and so military spouse must often start over with each posting.    

For the military family member, Elevate Plus Military would prepare military families for employment in the local area by providing them industry specific training that aligns with the requirements of employers today and in the future.  It could include aspects of remote work and portable skills that will help ensure the longer-term success of military families in finding and keeping meaningful employment that recognizes their skills, knowledge and experience.

For the Military member transitioning from the CAF, there can be many barriers impacting their success.  Elevate Plus Military would help former serving military make the transition to civilian employment by offering a combination of soft skill and industry specific training as well as job trial and placement s in order to facilitate their successful transition.


In order to be eligible for the program, participants must be unemployed or working less than 20 hours/week.  Eligible participants are:

  • Former serving military member 
  • Spouse or dependent (over 18 years of age) of former or current serving member  

Anyone in the community whose needs align with general mandate of the program